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Clay Electric Cooperative is grieving for a lost friend and co-worker. Lineworker William “Ziggy” Ziegenfelder, 56, passed away while working in the co-op's Gainesville service... Continue Reading ›

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Payment Options

As a member of Clay Electric, you have a variety of ways to make your electric bill payment. The choice is yours. Simply choose the payment option that's best suited for you based upon your individual preferences. (Payment methods effective Mar. 29, 2021)


Pay Online with MyClayElectric

Clay Electric’s payment options enable you to make an immediate electronic payment, or automatic monthly payments by bank draft from your savings or checking account.

You can make an immediate electronic payment by bank draft or credit card on the co-op’s website at MyClayElectric.com or through the mobile app.

To perform a transaction you will need your Clay Electric account number, a valid email address, your checking or savings account number and the routing number of your bank.

Clay Electric also accepts credit/debit card payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. To make a credit or debit card payment, visit MyClayElectric.com.

If you’d like your payment to be automatically deducted monthly on your bill statement’s due date by bank draft from your checking or savings account or credit card, the Auto Pay Program should be your choice. You will still receive a monthly bill statement but there will be a notation on the bill statement that there is a bank/credit card draft scheduled on the due date.

Please note that the Auto Pay Program is not for making an immediate payment or for paying a bill already due.

You can sign up online at MyClayElectric.com or through the app, or call/drop by your local district office. You will need your Clay Electric account number, your checking or savings account number and the routing number of your bank, or your credit card number.


Pay by Phone

If you prefer to handle the transaction over the phone, call 1-844-936-2704 and use the interactive voice answering system. You do not have to talk with a customer service representative to make an electronic payment on the phone. You will need your Clay Electric account number, your checking or savings account number and the routing number of your bank, or your credit card number.


Pay By Mail

Paying a bill by mail is the most traditional way to make a payment. If this is your choice, simply use the payment envelope included with your bill statement each month. Add postage and enclose your payment (no cash please) along with the bottom portion of your bill statement. Allow at least three to five days for delivery.


Pay at Your Local District Office

At the co-op’s six district offices, you can make a payment at the front counter, a drive-thru window or at a drop box. Debit/credit card payments are available. Please note that the drop box allows payments to be deposited 24 hours a day but payments may not be credited until the next working day.


Payment Stations in the Community

You can also pay your bill by cash at payment stations through Fidelity Express, Vanilla Direct or MoneyGram at various businesses (such as convenience stores) in the co-op’s service area by using the barcode provided online or on the app. All three services incur a convenience fee of $1.50 for each transaction. A list of payment locations is available at your local district office and online at ClayElectric.com.

Search for Fidelity Express Payment Stations

List of Vanilla Direct Payment Stations

Search for MoneyGram Payment Stations