Payment Options

As a member of Clay Electric, you have a variety of ways to make your electric bill payment. The choice is yours. Simply choose the payment option that's best suited for you based upon your individual preferences.

Credit Score

Your Clay Electric credit score is determined by a credit check at account connection and if you have any credit events while receiving service. By knowing what the rules are, you can keep your credit in good standing.

Payment Assistance

View a list by county of organizations that offer assistance with paying utility bills.

Auto Pay Program

The Auto Pay Program offers you the convenience of having your electric bill payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the payment due date. You save the expense of a postage stamp or a special trip to your district office. You don’t have to worry about mail delivery and you can be assured that your monthly payment will be credited to your account on time. If you have a current bill that is due, you will need to go ahead and pay that one as you traditionally would. The automatic payment will begin on the next billing cycle. Sign up by logging in to your MyClayElectric account.

Preferred Due Date Plan

The Preferred Due Date Plan is a special payment plan which provides participating members control over when their electric bills are due. The Plan takes into consideration that members may receive Social Security, retirement or disability checks on a date that doesn't always coincide with the due date of their current electric bills.

PrePaid Program

The PrePaid Program allows you to purchase electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis without deposits, late fees or reconnection fees.

Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing sends you an email notification when your bill is ready. You’ll receive your bill earlier and cut down on clutter, plus you’ll be able to view your bill anywhere. You can sign up for Paperless Billing at

Third-Party Notification

Clay Electric's third party notification service can help prevent an unexpected disconnection of your electric service or the electric service of someone close to you who needs special assistance.

Medically Essential Service

Clay Electric’s Medically Essential Service is designed to help members who are dependent upon electric-powered life-support equipment in the event of a planned power outage or a delinquent bill.