Does the timing of your bills match the timing of your payday? Would four small bills be easier to pay than one large one? Could you manage your budget better if you knew how much electricity you were using?

PrePaid gives you the power to pay for electricity on your own schedule - daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever is right for you. It allows you to purchase electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis without deposits, late fees or reconnection fees.

If you are a new member setting up service for the first time, you will pay a $5 membership fee, a $30 service connect fee, and $50 toward your initial energy purchase. (New construction accounts will pay any applicable new service fees along with the $50 toward initial energy purchase). If you are an existing member, your existing deposit (if applicable) will be applied toward any outstanding balance owed, with the remaining credit (if applicable) applied to your PrePaid account. A customer service representative can review your account to discuss possible options.

You can monitor your credit balance and add funds as needed. You can put as little as $10 at a time on your account after the initial set-up. If your account is disconnected because your balance runs out, you will be required to add $25 to your balance. (If the account has a prepaid arrangement, the requirement is $25 + the amount owed/25 percent of prepaid arrangement to get reconnected.)

You can sign up with a Customer Service Representative at any time by contacting your local Clay Electric office.

PrePaid Program Application (PDF)

PrePaid Program Brochure (PDF)