Vote now in Board of Trustees election, have chance at bill credit

Members can now vote online through March 11 in the Board of Trustees election. Simply login to your MyClayElectric account to cast your vote for the candidates.

If the option to vote is not visible when you open the app, please close the app and re-open it. In addition to voting for the trustee candidates, members are also being asked to vote for one bylaw amendment and restated articles of incorporation on this year's ballot. 

Members can still vote by mail if they prefer. To request an absentee ballot, you will need to provide your account num­ber associated with your membership. Request one by following this link or by calling 1-800-224-4917 toll-free.

The last day to request a ballot is March 1 at 3 p.m. Ballots must be received by 4 p.m. March 11 via U.S. mail in the return envelope provided for the ballots to count.

Members who vote will be entered into a drawing to win one of 43 bill credits. Please see details below.

Members gathered at three trustee district meetings in January to select candidates for the Board of Trustees in Districts 3, 5 and 7.

Susan Reeves (District 3), Dewitt Hersey (District 5) and John Henry Whitehead (District 7) are all incum­bents and were nominated without any qualified opposition.

Each year, positions on the co-op’s nine-member Board of Trustees are up for election. Members within the dis­tricts select one or two members to be candidates, and then the entire membership votes. Members must vote either by online voting or by absentee ballot. There is no in-person voting.

Election results will be announced on March 13 and at the Annual Meeting gathering of the members on Saturday, March 23 at the Keystone Heights Jr.-Sr. High School cafeteria.

Prize Drawing

All eligible members who vote, either online or by mail-in ballot, in the election for the co-op’s Board of Trustees will be entered in a prize drawing contest to win one of 43 bill credits: One $4,800 bill credit (grand prize), one $2,500 bill credit, one $2,000 bill credit, one $1,800 bill credit, one $700 bill credit, one $400 bill credit and 37 bill credits of $50.